Idea: tool info music player

If i click a sound file, it opens in Foobar. But what, if we could activate some kind of info tip music player? The closest thing right now would be to use the Viewpane function, but sometimes it would be just enough to "info tip" the files (there could be a list of all file types to include, like .WAF, .MP3, .MP4 (no video of course)), maybe with some qualifier key held down.

So, while tipping the file, the music would play, no pane or player to close afterwards, just as long, as the mouse cursor is hovering over the file, showing the regular info tip. Just an idea.

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An interesting idea. We could potentially put the whole viewer pane into tooltips, at least in theory.

There might be problems with how easy it is to accidentally trigger a tooltip (which might load a codec which then goes haywire on a given song) without knowing what even happened, vs the viewer where it's a bit more explicit. But maybe it could work, at least with some file types.

Yeah, i have thought about that, too. Maybe a (conditional?) button could turn up, whenever i visit my music folders, or download folders, to activate the info tip mode. When closing the tab, Opus could abandon that mode automatically, or we could just toggle it back to normal mode. Especially for music clips from Youtube, it could be quite convenient to check through dozens of new files, where opening foobar would be too much action already, just for a short glimpse. Info tip mode should deactivate, as soon as more than a single file is selected, or being restricted to "Mouse over" only.

e/ having said that, with a multi selection, why not even make it capable of "gallery mode"? :smiley:
Having set a "viewing time" in the prefs, Opus would play the whole bunch of selected files for n seconds each? :slight_smile:

This is a really cool idea! Im working with sound files, this would be a neat way to quickly identify samples.
Maybe with an option to set where it starts playing from. For example to play from 1:00 into the file because lots of sound files start with silent parts.

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