Identify most recently visited locations in tree

Request DOpus include functionality that identifies the most recently visited locations in the tree, as seen here:

Note the "pin" with an offset color, which could be user adjusted to suit theme/tastes. Also note the "pin" at the bottom with the white dot in the pin head, which would note the most recent location.

This would make it easier for those who use the tree, especially for those times when the tree is fairly long.

Why not apply labels/colors to the folders you want to locate often quickly? I think that already handles this well.

(You might need to turn on Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Use configured file display colors for tree items for the labels to affect the tree as well as the file display, if it's not already on.)

While labels/colors could work to ID those folders you want to locate often, I don't think visually identifying folders you have recently visited are necessarily the same thing. There may be situations in which you're viewing seldom-used folders or moving files to/from seldom-used folders that would benefit from this visual identification.

I have found DOPUS hard to use to list the most recently used folders (paths) too

The dropdown list does not seem to do this