If grouped, inline-renamed filename can disappear temporaril

I found some bug in the rename. Suppose i have three files

01 - track 1.mp3
02 - track 2.mp3
03 - track 3.mp3

When i´m on the first file (or any of them), then remove some part from the front like "01 - "), then move the cursor up or down
to another song without leaving the inline rename mode, then one item disappears (or, more exactly, blanks out) until Enter is pressed.

If i remove the "01 - " from "01 - track 1", move the cursor down, then track 01 appears ok (changing from "01 - track 1" to "track 1"),
& track 02 stays the same, while "03 - track 3" disappears temporarily, like in the screenshot. That doesn´t happen, if i remove only one digit from the front,
so it seems like the " - " part causes this behavior somehow.

("Slightly off topic, but..." -- Indeed, so I moved this into a separate topic.)

At first I couldn't reproduce it, but then I noticed from your screenshot that the file display was grouped, and turning on grouping let me see the same thing.

I expect it'll happen with any rename which causes the names to be sorted in a different order. Normally (when not grouping), the re-sort is deferred until you push return (so the files don't jump around as you move from one to another, renaming them), but that deferral isn't happening when the files are grouped, for some reason.

We'll look into it. Thanks for the report!

That´s why i didn´t notice it before. Mostly i have my dirs non-grouped. & sorry for the off topic.