@ifset:common anomaly?

I'm not sure if this is (my) invalid code, or a bug..

@ifset:View=thumbnails Set VIEW=Details @ifset:common Set GROUPBY=picsize Set VIEW=Thumbnails
The first part is OK but the commands following @ifset:common are always ignored.

Regards, AB

Seems to work for me. i.e. It puts the lister into thumbnails mode, and flashes a scrollbar up very briefly if it was already in thumbnails mode (because it changes to Details, then right back to Thumbnails).

Is that what you actually want it to do? Are you sure you don't want @ifset:else instead of @ifset:common?

When thumbnails mode is active at the outset GROUPBY is unavailable, so my thinking was to switch into details, GROUBY, and switch back. The switch to details works OK but the rest does not (Nothing else happens).

Regards, AB

GROUPBY works fine in Thumbnails mode.

I suspect the problem is that you don't have the picsize column in your lister. You can only group by a column that has been added to the lister.

(Even though Thumbnails mode doesn't show columns, it still "knows" which columns are there, and behind the scenes adding a column still causes its data to be populated, even though you don't normally see the data outside of Details or Power mode.)

Try this command:

Set COLUMNSADD=picsize GROUPBY=picsize

Spot on Leo. I have modified all my GROUPBY commands to unilaterally add the relevant column. Thanks.