@ifset issue with UTILITY


@confirm Utility panel on
@confirm Utility panel off

I always get the answer "Utlity panel off", no matter if the panel is visible or not.
Adding a


before the code above, shows the panel, but gives the same answer "Utlity panel off".

Do I have a syntax error?

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Your syntax is fine, @ifset just doesn't work with everything.

The way to see if @ifset will work is to put the same "Set" command in a button and see if the button highlights in the "on" state. If it does, then it should work with @ifset, but if not then it won't.

@ifset:UTILITY=toggle should work instead.

works, great!

I try to find my personal way for dealing with the now docked Find panel.

I want to expand my lister vertically by the space used by the filter panel.
Otherwise I find my listers messed up completely.

The code

SET UTILITY=toggle @ifset:UTILITY=toggle Set LISTERSIZE=,-280 @ifset:else Set LISTERSIZE=,+280 works now as long as I don't change the size of the panel.

Is there a way to read the size of the panel (when it was open the last time)?
Could it be an option to implement this behaviour (expanding the lister if the panel shows up) into the software directly?

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I also prefer the floating search panel, but I understand that there are reasons for leaving it docked, which I do not see.
My reason is that I got used to it, and that I like it as it was in DO9.
I'm not completely through the now closed "flaming thread" [url]Float separate search], maybe there are other solutions in there...
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Making it so the window expands when panels turn on might be a cool idea. Maybe complicated by what should be done when the window expands to the edge of the screen. I guess it should remember how much was added, and take the same amount off if the panel is closed, rather than always use the panel's size (which could be more than was added), but then that might also be wrong if the window was resized between opening & closing the panel.