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Ignoring a folder when using sync


How do I get the compare/sync process to ignore a partcular folder and it's contents in the source window. For example I have a folder that I have named with an underscore like "_myfolder" so I know that it's not to be uploaded. I tried using the advanced filter but can't figure out a way to do it.


How to filter items by location or sub-folder should have what you need.


Thanks, I've been looking at that and I managed to get a subfolder filter working when I use it with the copy files with filter toggle on. But the subfolder part of the same filter isn't working on a custom button with using Select "MyFilter" FILTER. It also doesn't work when using it with the compare/sync, only the copy files for some reason.


Hmm ok I just see this notice, so I guess the same limitation is on my custom button. I might just stick with the copy files with fliter toglle.


You can use Location filters with sync. It's only SubFolder which doesn't work.


Thanks, I think I finally have it working with the location filter and sync. Happy days :slight_smile: