Illogical automatic deselection, modal requesters and focus stealing?

I am very happy with Opus 12.8, it seems a lot of bugs have been fixed recently.

However, there's still an overarching theme of Opus taking away control or focus from me.

One example:

If I select a bunch of files, and click "get sizes," the files are not deselected, which is good. Howver, if one of the files is a file that is in the process of being copied, e.g. the destination of a copy process, then that file then gets deselected.

I find this and other choices of automatically selecting/deselecting files or stealing focus very inconsistent. Also they happen sometimes in the middle of me selecting other things.

This results in me being extremely paranoid about selecting files while some copy-operation is in process. I feel I can never be sure to know exactly what files are selected, because Opus might have just finished some operation and decided to de-select something by itself.

Is there any way of turning all this automatic selection/deselection off globally, so that Opus never messes with my selections?

More generally, Opus seems to have too many modal (blocking) dialogs, it should have none.

I would like Opus to never take control away from me, or do anything without my permission. I would even like this for modal requesters, ftp retries etc. Opus should never pop up anything or change anything on me while I am doing stuff. Other examples of this behavior include the refresh of FTP windows, when the server is not available anymore. In this situation I often get a modal dialog in the middle of doing something else after some random number of retries have failed. The dialog tells me that opening the ftp server has failed, which is extremely annoying, since I am already 1 minute into doing something else, and don't care anymore at that point.

The same goes for refreshing a folder of a USB drive that has since been removed. Opus steals focus and shows me a dialog, instead of quietly failing. I don't want to have to pay attention to this, I have removed the USB stick on purpose, I don't need Opus complaining about this requiring an additional click and interruption of my work.

Turn off Preferences / File Operations / Options / Deselect files used in functions if you don't want things to be deselected when operations complete. It's entirely optional.

The buttons/hotkeys for some functions, like Calculate Sizes, override the option and prevent deselection even when it is on, since you'll typically do something else with the files immediately after using them.

Got it, thanks!