[Image Conversion] Delete Original After Conversion

I don't seem to see an option nor stated in the manual to delete the original image after an image conversion.

Would be nice to have a checkbox option in the image conversion dialog window to delete the original.


Instead asking for an option why not make a button to do this? Just use the following 3 commands in your button:


No, it is not designed to do this automatically. far too dangerous! Most users want to preserve the originals at all costs.

If you do want to do this then select the originals, do the conversion to be copied to a destinatioin folder then use reselect and delete to remove the originals.

I wasn't looking for this to be done automatically, but have a checkbox asking if done or not. By default, originals wouldn't be deleted. Personally, whenever I use the image conversion, I always want the originals deleted--of course I don't use the conversion for my photography, but for program screenshots, people who send me pictures, and pictures I download that are in BMP format and wanting to convert to JPG.

I was surprised it wasn't included because I figured it was common sense.

Greg, this is pretty much what I do now. I'll have to look into making a button, but not sure how it will work for me because I sometimes search for BMP and do the conversion from that dialog.


The Convert Image option on the default context menu for the Images filetype group does this already.

The command is Image CONVERT HERE REPLACE

hrmm, doesn't seem to be "replacing" for me here. :confused:

It depends... the REPLACE option only actually 'replaces' the original image in order to aytomatically resolve a dupe filename conflict if you've selected a type of convert operation that will result in the same filename; for instance a rotate or resize (without the 'add filename suffix' option). But if you do something like convert to a different image format (bmp to jpg) you produce a different file extension so there's no conflict to resolve. If you took out the REPLACE option to the command quote Jon provided above and ran it again to do a simple rotate op, you'd see the standard file rename/replace dialog.

So it seems the best way to do a replace across the board at this point is to use some variation of JohnZ's and Greg's suggestions above.

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Thanks for clearing that up; I understand it now.

I have taken your suggestion of combining previous suggestions. I created a new Image type context menu item with the following commands and works well:

Image CONVERT HERE REPLACE @nodeselect Delete QUIETAgain, a suggestion was already implemented--it's usually hard to see some of DO's capability.

I'll probably modify this command more to automatically convert to say 90% JPEG :slight_smile:.

Thanks for everybody's help.

heehee... my favorite threads are feature requests that are made possible by tweaking the usage of built-in commands and features... although sometimes they don't always provide the same 'exact' desired result it looks like this one worked out pretty well... and that's what this forum is for... yahoo!

P.S. you said you might modify it some more... and hey, why limit yourself? create a couple of pre-defined image conversion menu commands (90% jpg, 10,000 by 10,000 resolution :slight_smile:) and stick em in a sub-menu if they clutter up the context menu too much (love that sub-menu - good lookin out Jon/Greg).

I am not much on programming or anything, but this is something i could certainly use. Is there a way....

  1. auto convert the picture without brining up the dialoge? The above script works just fine but it brings up the converty box for every picture. So for a dir of 50 pix, I will still have to press "ok" every time. So a command to auto convert to JPG 95%

  2. is there a way to set the delete function so that it bypasses the recycle bin and does not prompt the user.

So basically it will convery 50 pictures and then delete the originals after each pic is converted.

Of course I could simply use Acdsee 2.41 to do this, but at times DO would be easier. What would be easier of course is something that was mentioned earlier in the thread. Simple have an option to put a check box in the convert box to delete oridigals after, so I do not have to create a seperate button.

Hi there Father:

Image CONVERT=jpg QUALITY=95 HERE REPLACE @nodeselect Delete QUIET NORECYCLE ...should do what you want.

!!!CAUTION!!! - the QUIET and NORECYCLE options are DANGEROUS (especially together)... Zero put the QUIET arg in his command because he's ok with the files just getting whacked without being asked for confirmation. Since you want the files 'gone for good' you might want to remove the QUIET switch... you should then only be asked once for confirmation - something like: 50 files (totalling foo KB) will be deleted, Are you sure you want to proceed?
And I totally understand wanting Dopus to have stuff 'built-in', but hey... once you create the button to do it 'your way' you never have to do it again :slight_smile:.

steje wrote:
P.S. you said you might modify it some more... and hey, why limit yourself? create a couple of pre-defined image conversion menu commands (90% jpg, 10,000 by 10,000 resolution :slight_smile:) and stick em in a sub-menu if they clutter up the context menu too much (love that sub-menu - good lookin out Jon/Greg).[/quote]

Yup, that's what I was going to do :smiley:

Be careful what you select when using this button because it will (a) delete all non-image files that are selected and (b) delete all jpeg images that are selected.

(In the (b) case the jpeg images will actually be converted to a different quality level, then overwritten, then deleted.)

You might be able to make the button a bit safer by deselecting everything except *.(png|gif|bmp) before the delete.