Image convert - Option to "downscale only"?


the image converter upscales images if their resolution is below the specified one. I would like to have an option to only scale down images that are larger.

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You can add the NOENLARGE argument to the Image command to make it do that.

Hi Leo,

I have read about NOENLARGE in another post but I'm using the GUI from the context menu. Is that an editable script where I can add the argument?

Yes, Settings > File Types > Images (file type group) > Context Menu.

I have modified the command like this Image NOENLARGE CONVERT HERE REPLACE and I also tried different positions for the argument but it still upscales. Is it overridden by the dialog?

Looks like it is overridden by the dialog. Sorry about that, it wasn't what I thought would happen.

It would work with the dimensions specified in the command, like this:


You could set something up which prompts you for the details and then runs the command without showing the built-in dialog. How complex that would be depending on which other aspects of the dialog you're using, although anything is possible via scripting in the end.

I will just create a few context menu entries for the resolutions I need, that's no big deal. But a checkbox in the dialog would still be cool :grinning: Then it would almost be a perfect replacement of the PowerToys Image Resizer.

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We'll add this in the next update.

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