"Image inherited by submenus" setting lost after relaunch of

Seems like this setting isn't kept after a relaunch of DOpus since v. 8.1.0 (no such problem with 8.0.x).

1st grab: I just have check the option

=> nogfx.free.fr/dopus8_1.png

2nd grab: I killed and re-launched DOpus

=> inherited option has been reset to its default value (ie: not checked)

=> nogfx.free.fr/dopus8_2.png

Anyone can confirm the problem ?


Hi Leo,

I can confirm the problem. I tested it on two computers both running WindowsXP Professional (german Version).
With DOpus 8.0x - 8.033 I did not have this problem. Because I had the error before I found your post here, I had allready asked in the german forum from haage-partner.de if someone could confirm this. No one confirmed this till now. So I was glad to read in the resource-forum newsfeed that I am not the only person with this problem. Perhaps there are more people here who can confirm this?


Yes, I can :slight_smile: Will be fixed today...