Image Orientation


A simple button for DOpus which shows the first selected file (if it's an image) in a simple dialog which allows you to rotate the image to the correct orientation. Clicking Ok results in the images exif tag - rotation/orientation - being written based on the orientation you have selected in the dialog. This does not actually rotate and save the image, it just writes the exif tag. Handy if you don't want to convert the image but do want Opus to view it correctly in the viewer and in thumbnails.


  • Download: Image Orientation.dcf (8.1 KB)
  • Select "Settings / Customize Toolbar..." from your Lister and then drag the button file to any toolbar you like.


  • 1.0 (9/5/20)
    • Initial Release.
  • 1.1 (10/5/20)
    • Added a 'reset' button.