Image Resampling in Viewer

I love dopus's viewer for being both simple and fast, but it's missing one feature that keeps it from fully achieving greatness; that being image resampling when zooming or fitting the image to the window.

For comparison's sake:

Here's an image that's fit to screen in dopus:

And the same image fit to screen in ACDSee 8:

See the difference? It's more noticeable in some images than in others. So, what do you think?

Make sure you've got Preferences / Listers / Thumbnails: High quality image scaling switched on. It affects the viewer as well as thumbnails.

Beyond that, it's up to your graphics card/drivers as the image viewer scales images using Windows GDI calls. The setting in Preferences controls whether Opus tells the drivers to do "fast" or "good" scaling.

If setting the option doesn't work for you, or it still looks worse than the other program, could you attach the original, full-size image so I can see what it looks like for me? Maybe the scaling provided by graphics cards isn't as good, or varies by card? (Although doing it via the CPU would probably be a lot slower.)

Yeah, nevermind I'm dumb. I just figured that out; though it would be nice to have two separate options for image resampling: one for thumbnails, and one for the images themselves. When I'm browsing through a folder, I don't really care what the thumbnail looks like, as long as it's fast and I can get a general idea of what it looks like (unfortunately, scaled thumbnails tend to slow down browsing). On the other hand, I like the image scaling on the full size images. Perhaps you could pass that along? Thanks :wink:

I'll second that notion... it would be much better if there was seperation between thumbnail and viewer quality settings.

I haven't tested on a huge directory of images (nor on any huge images) but with a modest set of normal sized images I'm struggling to see any speed difference between high quality and normal quality thumbnails.

Have you guys definitely noticed a difference that means it's worth keeping the option, rather than making thumbnails always use high quality (and moving the scaling option to the Viewer preferences)? Is it only with large images and/or lots of images that it makes a difference?

It could also depend on hardware/drivers since the graphics card/drivers probably accellerate the scaling.