Image rotation problem in Opus viewer

For a long time I've wanted to use Dopus as my default image viewer, but there's a problem after I rotate images. I've just waited to see if it was fixed in an update, but I still have the problem.

When I import jpgs I go through the pictures and rotate any that are oriented incorrectly. I do not rely solely on automatic exif orientation as I can't know that the people I send pictures to will have that setup on their machines, and I don't want them viewing pictures that are the wrong way round.

I have rotation buttons on the viewer toolbar so I can rotate quickly. The buttons correctly rotate the images, but if I skip forward one image, and then go back to the image I just rotated, it will have flipped around again (I think they always go 90 degrees further round). If you look at the following picture you'll see what I mean. In the folder view you can see the picture rorated the way it really is, but the viewer is showing it in a different orientation.

I've done all sorts of experiments switching automatic exif rotation on and off but I've never been able to fix this. Is it a bug in Dopus? How can I fix it?

There are separate EXIF rotation options for:

  • Thumbnails (Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails)
  • Standalone Viewer (Preferences / Viewer / Appearance)
  • Viewer Pane (Preferences / Viewer / Viewer Pane)

Make sure they are all set the same (if you want them to be).


That is not the cure for this problem :grinning:

But, you did already answer this question on April 17th 2017, and I only just found your reply today. I have the problem fixed now, with the solution you posted:

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Oh, you mean "rotate" in the image viewer just rotates the image in memory, not on disk?

That is by design. The same as zooming in on an image in the viewer does not resize the image on disk.

Yes, the command linked in the other thread will let you make a button (or hotkey, etc.) in the viewer to rotate the image on disk and in the viewer at once.

Yeah it works perfectly. I'm glad you posted the fix. I just wish I'd followed up on that thread and I'd have had my viewer fixed months ago :grinning:

This thing where people rely on their computer to auto rotate images (in memory only) is not great. People email me pictures all the time that are on their side. It doesn't matter most of the time, but if you are viewing them in certain software / devices, it matters.

However, I understand why you have the temporary rotate buttons in there. I think it would be a great idea if you had the full rotate buttons available as an option also. I have it fixed now, but the fact that they weren't there meant I kept on using the old windows 7 picture viewer for months, as it has always done permanent rotation by default and the buttons were easy to access.