Image viewer enhancement

As a photographer I have thousands of photos to sort through. If I open a folder with images and double click on the first one to open it in the image viewer and then proceed to use my middle mouse button to scroll through the images, when I find one I like and want to edit I close the viewer window but instead of seeing the thumbnail of the last image I just looked at highlighted, the first image in the folder is still highlighted. I then have to scroll through the thumbnails to find the image I was just looking at. Acdsee or iview don't behave this way; as you flick through the photos in full screen mode, when you return to the thumbnails the one that is highlighted is the last image you were looking at so the explorer type interface is keeping track of where you are. I would very much like to use dopus for all my cataloging but the lack of this one feature makes it a pain. When I scan my collections I always do it in full screen mode and need to know where I am in the file list as I come in and out of that view.
I hope that makes sense. Sorry it's so drawn out.

I'll second that notion!

I'd also like to be able to modify the context menu that appears when right clicking on pictures displayed in the image viewer. It would be nice to not even have to exit the viewer to be able to send it to photoshop or ms paint for instance...

You can drag the viewer's titlebar icon (top-left) into other applications to drop the currently-displayed image on the application.

True, but no good when you're in full screen viewer mode and/or your editing application is not already open. Personally I'd like access to the filetype context menu I've defined for images to pick whatever application I might want to process the currently viewed image with.

simonsmith_7's suggestion would at least let you just hit escape, then access the normal filetype context menu... I just think we should be able to access it within the viewer, or if need be, define custom context menu entries for the viewer menu similar to how we can for FTP, Tray icon, and Lister menu's.

Totally agree that the other suggestions here are good ideas. Just wanted to mention the icon dragging thing in case it's useful to someone.

i use do v8.2.0.0-german (but i will today update to v8.2.0.2-german)
hello to @ll,

well, i'm a do newbie. i'm also a photoshooter. in the xp-explorer there is a posibility to arrange the order of the shots in the viewing as you individual want. this is very helpfull when you got two or three photos, who look like almost from the same position. so you are able to swap (in the viewing) controlled fast from one to another, so you can make your choice to the best from this run. i can't find this feature in do (or am i to stupid :open_mouth: ?!)


The image viewer in Opus shows images in the same order as they are listed in the file display.

So if you want to see two images together in the sequence you need to sort the file display so that they are together. (e.g. Sort by date if they were created at similar times. If they don't naturally sort next to each other you'll have to rename them I guess.)

I have the same problem like simonsmith_7.
The other thing I want to ask is: Is there a way to change the IPTC info of the images from inside Opus

Opus cannot currently edit IPTC tags. Perhaps an idea for a plugin.