Image-Viewer Problem with Scroll Wheel

In the DOpus image viewer you can (optionally) scroll through the images with the scroll wheel. That works here as expected. But when I click on menu->edit->copy to (or similar) and save the file somewhere the scrolling doesn't work anymore. I still can go forwards and back with page-up/down buttons or the buttons in the toolbar.

Please confirm that this is not a bug on my computer :wink:

If I switch to another application (e.g. a webbrowser to write down this) and then switch back to the image viewer I can scroll with the mouse wheel again.

What's even more interesting: If a file with the same filename exists in the directory and the rename/replace dialog is opened than the problem doesn't occur.

Confirmed & reported to GPSoftware.

Unfortunately they didn't fix that in the last update. (
Am I the only one who find that annoying?

Perhaps I should change my workflow.. thinking about tagging the pictures and then copy the checked ones at once to the destination. But what if I would like to copy them to different locations?

If they waited until the to-do list was finished for each update there wouldn't be another update until 2015. :slight_smile: Drop them a note if you want to remind them, but the error is definitely on the list.

If I'm organising images into multiple destinations then I usually use the viewer pane instead of the standalone viewer. That only works if you don't need to see every image full-screen, of course, so it may not be a good replacement for your current method.

You can make a button which always asks you for the destination to copy/move to, even if there are other file displays open which, normally, would automatically be selected as the destination. e.g.

Copy MOVE TO=ask

Thanks Leo, I will try that. As I have a biger display now the picture in the viewer pane might be big enough :wink: