Image Viewer - Random Image on command

I like how the integrated image viewer has an easy time running a slideshow of all the images in it's given directory.
I like how this slideshow can be set for random image order instead of sequential order.

I would like to know how I can manually go to a random image in the current directory without going into the slideshow, setting it to randomize, and then waiting a few seconds for the slideshow to go.
I would like to be able to easily go to the first or last image in the directory, too.

Is this already in the program and I just haven't been able to find it, or is there an existing plugin I can install to use it, or do I need to write up my own button to make this happen?

You could do it using a script that selects a random file and opens it in the viewer pretty easily.

Or you could use one of the existing scripts which randomises the file order or selects a random file and then push return to open it:

Of the suggested tools, the Random Shuffle button is the closest to what I was looking for. I tinkered with the updated version of the command you linked to and found that it doesn't seem to work the way I want when I run the command button inside the image viewer.

My goal is to get a button on the image viewer that will let me go to a random image inside the directory I'm in, similar to the "previous/next image" buttons. I also want each new image I randomize to to be brought into focus on the file lister.

I have folders of images I downloaded from the internet, and sometimes they're part of a set, like different panes of a short comic, or different versions of a character. If an image is part of a set, then I'd want to be able to notice and look at them in order.

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