Image Viewer similar to QuickView

I would like to display a selected image file triggered by pressing the space bar, similar to Quickview in macOS. I know "F7" shows the image in the lister but I want SPACE to display it in an extra windows. How can this be done?

You can put a hotkey on Space via Settings > Customize Keys, if you really want to.

It's not a good idea on Windows, though, since space is used for selecting files via the keyboard (with ctrl+space toggling just the current file), as well as typing paths that contain spaces. Return is the normal Windows key for opening the current file.

Have you tried Seer?

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Understood. But its not sufficient to change the F7 key because this key triggers the viewer inside the lister. I'm searching a way to call the viewer in a new window.

The Show command will do that. (No additional parameters needed.)

Not optimal but for a start I'm using Shift SPACE.

Have you tried QuickLook for Windows?

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This. I've been using this QuickLook tool for some time now and it works flawlessly for me. Has some solid plugins as well.