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Image viewer:Status bar and control bar

The network returned to normal and I downloaded 12.18.2 again.

The control bar and status bar are separate, their space is wasted, and the space in the red box is not used.

And they take up too much space, they can be merged into one bar.

It is better to reduce the width of this bar.

Buttons are more convenient to use at the bottom, if it can be customized, I can add new buttons.

This is my favorite feature, double-clicking a PSD thumbnail can open it with image viewer. If I find the required PSD file, I can directly open PS editor. At this time, I need to add a PS button to this bar.

Is it feasible?

The control bar there is a legacy feature. We probably won't be updating it, as it has been replaced by the customisable toolbar at the top of the window.

Thanks Leo, I see.