Image Viewer trying to view non-image formats

I use the CodeWright editor, which uses files with the extension .psp for its project spaces. Unfortunately this is also used by Paint Shop Pro for an image format. When I double click a psp file in Opus it tries to view it using its image viewer, which then says it is not a valid image format.

How can I stop it doing this? I just want it to load in CodeWright.

I have been into the File Type dialog and changed the Group setting for psp from Images to nothing. The 'Open' action is set to CodeWright, and there is no other settings in the Action and Context Menu tabs. This has no effect.

In SETTINGS/FILE TYPES, in the SYSTEM FILE TYPES section, you might try deleting the entry for .psp altogether. Then the next time you double click on a .psp file, Windows should prompt you as to which program to open them with from now on.


Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately that doesn't work.

Opus still tries to load it as an image. I assume that it has a list of extensions somewhere that it thinks are image files and is using that, and so it never goes anywhere near the normal windows stuff.

It's probably this option:

Preferences, Double-click, Files, Use internal picture viewer for all recognized pictures.

If you change it to "unregistered picture file types," or turn it off completely, it Opus should purely use filetypes to determine what happens on double-click.

(Of course, as a result, you may have to explicitly set some filetypes to open in the Opus image viewer, if that's what you want.)

Thanks, that is just what I was looking for.