Image viewer zoom in/out like photoshop [Feature request]

I would really like to use alt+mousewheelup to zoom in and alt+mousewheeldown to zoom out in the viewer pane.

Thanks for the suggestion!


But maybe give the user an option to pick the key that is used? Even better (for me) would be able to assign RMB. While the RMB is pushed, the wheel does the zooming in/out. Releasing RMB then does not bring up the context menu. I have a Firefox plugin that does this for me and I love it. ... mousezoom/

But I'd hate to add more work. Alt+wheel would be awesome too. That is if you are adding it of course :slight_smile:

What i'd really like to see is a 'pan' tool / key. So, when zoomed in, you can drag the image about. Using the scroll bars as is is not ideal.

(maybe this is already possible, but i've seen one)

That's already there, and on by default (presumably you're using a config from Opus 9, where it wasn't on by default).

Have a look under Preferences / Viewer.

Great! I also never noticed this 'pan' option! :slight_smile:

It turns out mouse-wheel zoom is also already there - with the Ctrl key held down - but only in the standalone viewer, not the viewer panel. We'll make this consistent in the next version.

May I suggest the above ability WITHOUT first having to switch the focus to the viewing pane (ie. no clicking in viewer). In the same way as regular scrolling, switching between tree/display etc. That would be fantastic.

No need, it's already done. :slight_smile:

On a related note,

How about ctrl-scrollwheel up-down to increase/decrease size of text in text viewer plugins :slight_smile: At the moment it simply scrolls, regardless of ctrl.

I would also love this feature, and it's the one major reason why I've still got the double-click-on-images default set to open them in native Windows picture viewer.

I realise I can now hold down the control key and use the mouse wheel, but I would much prefer the mouse wheel to handle zooming on its own and simply use the arrow keys to navigate through the images which feels much more natural to me (I can't be alone on this).

Additionally, Windows viewer has the advantages of

a) Zooming in significantly smaller increments, making it feel much smoother, and
b) Centering on the mouse when zooming in, meaning you can easily zoom in to inspect a particular part of an image, zoom out, zoom in on another part, and so on.

Please, please, consider emulating this behaviour in the next release!

This thread is years old.

It's already there:

I missed that, thanks, definitely an improvement.

The zooming still feels clunky compared to Windows native viewer and I miss being able to steer the focus of the zoom using the cursor position.

Is there a way to tie the arrow keys to navigate forward/back through photos? Arrow keys are seemingly not accepted when trying to assign a hot key.

Arrow keys seem to work OK when creating a hotkey:

Please start a new thread if there are more questions and they aren't about "zooming in the viewer like Photoshop".

Thanks, got to the bottom of it; seemingly because I'm running Keyboard King the new hotkey editor wasn't recognising the arrow keys. Temporarily disabling it allowed me to program the arrow keys correctly as per your screenshot.

A further question on this topic:

Would it be possible to write a custom script for a 2 hotkeys, zoom in / zoom out, that specified the percentage increment?

What I really want is to be able to have a much finer degree of control over the zoom on a photograph or graphic.

The mouse wheel zoom seems to cycle through the available zoom sizes in the View > View Size menu, which by default are: 25%, 50%, 75%, 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 800%

So alternatively, is it possible to add a whole load more incremental steps here to provide a smoother zoom?

You sure that's necessary? I'm using the arrow keys to navigate already and didn't assign any custom hot keys.

Edit: You're right it actually doesn't. I guess i just assumed, and didn't even notice. Also haven't used the built-in viewer in a while as the expand & scroll feature was giving problems and I didn't find a solution.

Yes, it was necessary. On my system arrow keys did nothing by default, and the mouse wheel navigated through images instead of zooming.

If you edit the menus you can see the commands they run:

Scripts can't query the current zoom amount, as far as I know, so if you wanted a script which did incremental zoom in/out with different stages to the default, it would have to keep track of the last zoom amount it set in a variable.

It would also need to reset the variable each time the image changed, which depends on how the viewer is configured to change/reset the zoom when changing images. A little fiddly and user-specific, but probably possible to achieve via scripting.

Thanks, Leo.

I see that adding a new button with a new percentage value to the View Size menu get ignored when using the mouse scroll (I added a new "10%" button at the top, but it only works if explicitly clicked- the mouse wheel doesn't seem to recognise it). I wonder if there's a way to include this in the list of values that the mouse scrolls through...?

Failing that, I might have a go at writing a custom script then when I get some time... without a doubt I'll need some help, so brace yourself for more incoming questions..!

Many thanks for your advice so far :slight_smile: