Images Content Type Format, Description Files, and Dopus Vie

I'm not certain if this is a Help and Support topic or a Feature Request topic, but I'm getting going on this ,
so I'm posting it under Help and Support for now.

Consider a Folder that contains only Image files and other Directories.
Under Setting -> Preferences -> Folders -> Content Type Formats -- Images ,
I have found that I can eliminate the Dimensions an Type columns by adding a column containing the Description Field.
If no description file entry exists for the image, the dimensions and file type are displayed in the Description column.
At this point, no Descript.ion file actually exists for the folder.

If I create a description for a file that consists of a number,
that number is then displayed immediately before the Dimensions and File Type in the Descriptions column.
For instance, 160 x 120 x 24 JPEG Image might become 005 - 160 x 120 x 24 JPEG Image .
By choosing a number limit XXXX, one can then reorder photos for viewing selecting the description column.

I actually do something like this in a PHP photo Gallery I wrote.
I upload and update using a reordering recursive directory search to a MySQL database.
However, I wish to display the photos for a directory in the order I choose and with the name I choose.
Here is a screenshot of the interface I use to do this ordering and renaming.

I simply check the boxes of the images I wish to reorder or display different names of, fill in the text fields and submit it.
Duplicate numbers will order just as they do in Dopus, by filename.
I can 'fix' the order to a normal sequential order when I update the database.

So here's the challenge. Write a program to make this easy to do in Dopus.

I can do a few bits and pieces, but not all of it yet.
I can get the filenames in a Directory, eliminate the Dirs and a few other things.

Well, enough said for now.
After all, I might be alone on this idea.

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