Images content type overrides Zip folder format's background

I set a format for zip files. So that it has a certain background and icon in the corner. And it works fine. however, if the zip file has images, or one of the subfolders has images, then it defaults to the image format. How can I tell DO that if I open a zip file, regardless of the content, to only use the zip file format and not switch over to the image format?


As long as the Images section of the Content Type format is turned off, it won't override the image of the Zip format.

If you want a background image for the Content Type format (unusual) but don't want it to override the image you've assigned to Zip files, you could make a Wildcard Path Format matching *.zip* which would take priority over both. (Of course, if you have a normal folder with .zip somewhere in the name, it would also match that format. So it wouldn't be quite as good as the actual Zip format.)

Good to know. I like the idea of having an icon for photos when the dir has photos without having to specify individual folders, but in this case, it will not work for me. I have to decide what I want to do moving forward.

Thank you.