Images Thumbnail Hovering too small


Know DOPUS form Amiga time, thought to have it a go again on WIndows, I am used to QTabbar
wich for great for my needs but it has issues after a windows update, so DOPUS it is...

I got it ALMOST how I wanted it to (dark mode, a folder tree in the middle) but how do see the original image in size when hovering on a images or at least larger, googled, tried documentation, the {thumbnail} settings in Info Tip doesn't help either, I removed all metadata as I don't need it, I just wat to see the picture only (that's how far I could get), but how to see it on original size or bigger?
Also, it quite annoying when hovering on an image on the left pane and it shows up on the right pane?, in the right pane the thumbnail hovering doesnt work either ?

The infotip thumbnail size is limited by Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced [Limits]: max_thumbnail_size. Note that increasing that can greatly increase memory usage and thumbnail cache size.

If the limit is set to, say, 512, then {thumbnail:0:512} in the infotip will get you thumbnails within a max 512x512 square.

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Hi, thanks for the fast response, i tried that, dont want to brag or whatever but QTTabbar was lighting fast hovering on images and showed orginial size, DOPUS have a 'lag' when hovering on images also, but i just found out the ;viewer pane; on far right, i think i can work like that also if it isnt possible :slight_smile:

Also, the drive toolbar is bothering me, it opens the drive on right pane, how to set it on the left pain and how to get the drive names, i have like 10 drives, drive letters isnt working for me...customize is only color and size and font?

It's not a lag but an intentional delay (defined by your mouse middle-click time) to avoid accidentally triggering infotips when you're just moving the mouse over files. If they appeared instantly it would be incredibly annoying.

The viewer pane is probably better for what it sounds like you're aiming to do.

Please Ask one question per thread unless they're closely related to the thread title, else people can't find answers.

Not annoying for me and maybe others, depends on the individail workflow, i am lighting fast :slight_smile:

Good point and done:) Drives toolbar with drive names and open on left pane

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