Imageshack plugin HTTP error

The file uploaded successfully, but then i receive HTTP error.
It's just me, or plug-in is broken?

I use anonymous upload! :wink:

Anonymous upload to ImageShack seems to be broken at the moment, by changes on the ImageShack side. We are investigating that.

If you set up a free ImageShack account then it still works; I just tested that.

In connection with the anonymous upload one short question: Is it possible to retrieve the links from a dopus log some time after the upload? I looked around but couldnt find that. Would be nice to have at hand.

Yes, it's already recorded by the File Log.

I don't think there's any easy way to copy the URL to the clipboard, but you can click the Save button to save the log into a text file and retrieve the URLs from there.

I see thanks! Would be worth thinking about adding as an extra feature in my view: I once hunted for the links after some time (couple of hours) and couldnt find it in the file log anymore (probably had been overwritten by new file operations). If people like to use an anonymous upload, some file that stores them would be good to have.

You can save the log to a text file and then search the file for "imageshack" to find all your URLs.

Not sure I see the point of keeping track of them forever. If you want to do that, create an ImageShack account and the website does that for you.

Not forever, I had thought it was gone just a short time after, like I said, and wanted to retrieve it (same day I think). But then I must have overlooked it. Will look more closely next time.