Importing file type doesn't work as expected (by me) for some reason

Dear Leo, dear DirOpus developers!

I tried to look for a similar question but didn't find it. Please forgive me if this topic was already discussed.

Since version 10 I don't know why the import of a file type doesn't work. Probably I misunderstood something or the exported format is wrong. I'm stumbling over this issue since a lot of years, but now I want to know the reason.

I created a filetype for .VHD files...back in 2012 or so. Probably it was already there in my system, I don't know anymore exactly. I configured my custom functions and everything worked as expected. Before I wanted to migrate my system to a newer one I exported the VHD filetype:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
	<filetype name="vhdfile">
			<command name="dblclkctrl" type="batch">
				<instruction>%A_PROJECTS%\windows\trunk\scripts\VirtualDisk\VHD_Mount.cmd {f}</instruction>
			<command name="dblclkshift" type="batch">
				<instruction>%A_PROJECTS%\windows\trunk\scripts\VirtualDisk\VHD_Unmount.cmd {f}</instruction>

Now and then...probably due to VirtualBox (re-)installations, this filetype doesn't work anymore: The VHD configuration was deleted (it wasn't visible in Opus anymore). So now I wanted to reimport the file...but it doesn't work as expected. The filetype is not visible in DirOpus and "Find" can't find it. OK, no problem, the file doesn't specify an extension I I created the filetype again and configured the extension. Trying to avoid the complete configuration I now tried to import the above listed file. But the configuration is still empty and my scripts are not configured.

Can someone tell me, what I am doing wrong? Is my expectation wrong? If yes, what is the fastest way to get my VHD settings back?

Thank you for your support!


If something has deleted the file type completely, you'll need to recreate it first (so it exists in the registry). Then you can override the double-click actions for it in Opus (or you may find they are already, from before, once the type exists again).