Improved Manual and Forum Categories for Pro vs Light Features

Please improve the manual:

and forum categories in regards to whether a feature is Pro or Light, clearly labelling it with a badge image.

Currently the manual shows no indicator as far as I can tell.


It's very easy as a light user to waste time on a feature that is not available currently.

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Part of what makes Light cheaper is there is no dedicated manual for it. We don't have the resources to make and maintain two manuals.

Similar with the forum, separating everything would be too much. You get what you pay for. :slight_smile:

Labelling not separating.

Example: 2023-03-31_164241

Still too much work for us to do and maintain for every page in the manual. Would make the manual harder to read for Pro users. And often a page will be relevant to both versions but need different text within the page itself.

Light is simple enough that a manual shouldn't be needed for most usage, and the Pro manual is almost always fine if you just need to look up the detailed meaning of a Preferences checkbox or similar.

As well as being much simpler, Light also has a much smaller userbase (on top of generating less per sale). Most software doesn't even have a proper manual these days, too. :slight_smile:

Empathize with both OP and DOpus team. Given GPSoftware offers a Light vs Pro comparison page, does this help the OP or is there something more that DOpus team could flesh out on the comparison page with minimal effort?

Adding badges to every post would be overkill, i agee, but maybe GP could add all questions/details to the comparison page, that came up so far?

Apart from that, i would encourage everyone to fetch the Pro version. :slightly_smiling_face: