Improvement to DOpus 10 copy/move queue

New Directory Opus is really great, and for me, one of the most important features is queue for copy and move operations. But, there is one thing missing there, that will be very helpful. Right now new copy/move tasks are added to queue if the destination disk is the same. So, if I try to copy from source disk C to D, and from C to E, that will still create 2 independent copy processes and they will be both slow since both try to copy from C. Queue is not working, and copy process is still slow. It would be great addition for all copy/move processes to be queued regardless of the destination. Is there a chance to see this soon?

Milan Petrovic

That's just the "auto" queue behaviour.

Change your Copy button to run Copy QUEUE=MyQueue and all operations (done through that button) will be put in a single queue regardless of source/destination drives.

Great tip, thanks!


I thought in your scenario the queue would have been used - but looks like I´m wrong.

As per the documentation the following rule applies:

Sound like only the destination disk is taken into account and jobs being queued when the destination disk are on the same HD.

From my point of view that automatic mode should be changed in a way that it also checks if the source drived are on the same disk (either as the other source or one of the destinations) and then create a job instead of causing several drives on a single disk being accessed at the same time.

I think the goal of the automatic mode should be to avoid parallel jobs using the same drives ... in order to speed up the overall copy processes.

Regards - Peter

I was also surprised that there were two queues when copying from physical disk to usb disk and vice versa. It made copying much slower.
But on the other hand copying from one physical disk (like C:) to several FTP sites should be done simultaneous (no queue). The same for USB devices.
I just found out that copying files from one FTP site to two devices will create one queue. So I think it will be easy to make the same for physical disks.

Yes, this is along similar lines to a queuing thread I started. With a bit of tuning along these lines, the auto queueing will 'just work'. A few changes to the logic will get it right once and for all and avoid people having to set up buttons to allocate things to this or that queue.