Improvements to Inline Rename: Paste without special chars + Move multiple files without renaming

  • A shortcut to paste into an inline rename without formatting:

    Ctrl+Shift+V could be used to paste in file names without having \, /, or : (and others?) be included, i.e. strip the special/invalid characters on-paste like File Explorer does. The stripping of characters on-paste is good because one can then be certain if a Rename-and-Move, or only a Rename action will occur upon pressing Enter (C:\foo\bar.txt vs Cfoobar.txt). Ctrl+Shift+V is a common shortcut across software that attempts to paste in unformatted text (which somewhat fits the proposed idea).

  • Make the Rename all selected files at once option more flexible:

    This option could be improved so that when multiple files are selected and an inline rename is initiated, only move the selected files to a new location and without renaming them, if the filename was not changed but did have a path prepended to it. This could be a sub-option so that the current behaviour would remain if desired (a prepended path causes all files to be moved, and renamed to the same name with numbers postfixed).

Currently, the inline renaming feature of using the special characters to move a file to a new location doesn't seem to be documented in the Help. Perhaps the Inline Rename or Creating Folders sections should mention this is possible?


I'm unsure exactly what you're asking for in the first question, vs describing what already happens. Do you want the path separators removed when pasting, or is having them removed the problem?

I was having a hard time articulating what I wanted.

In short, pasting does not remove the path separators (it does remove characters such as *). I'd like a way to paste without the possibility of an unexpected Move action occurring; I sometimes paste a path into a txt file's name to serve as a note e.g. copied from CUsersFwAppDataRoamingGPSoftware.txt (using File Explorer). Any pasted text could potentially contain one of these characters and cause unintended results.

A toggle to turn the feature off as a whole would solve the pasting issue, but it'd also prevent manually inputting these chars, which is something I'd still like to do from time-to-time. Maybe a better request is an option that controls whether pastes have all illegal characters stripped or only a subset (all but path separators)? The downside to that is that it's an all-or-nothing option, whereas a keyboard shortcut would let you control when the paste contains the path separators and when it does not.

To quickly reword the second request, when renaming multiple files at once, avoid any renaming and only move their location if a path is all that was prepended. If the original filename is changed in any way, then behave as DOpus currently does (all files moved and renamed).

  • Improve name clash dialogue:

    I've just noticed that when a file or folder already exists in the target location, a "Rename" error (183) popup appears, when it could be nicer to instead display the more common "Confirm File Replace" or "Confirm Folder Merge" windows as they provide more detailed summary information.

  • Automatically number files when names clash has no effect when renaming multiple files:

    If files A.txt, A2.txt, and path\A.txt exist, selecting A2 then A and renaming to path\A.txt, the two files will move and be automatically numbered, despite the preference option being disabled. I'm not sure how it should be handled, but I'm just noticing that the preferences name at least suggests no automatic naming should be occurring. The option only affects renames performed on single items it seems.

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