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Improving behavior of ESC in 'filter fayt mode' / 'filter mode'


1st to say : since i'm using fayt filter mode in dopus for one year now i find it amazing feature. It is really really useful for people who only use keyboard like me and when you manage a lot of different ressources documents.

I have some remarks / notes about behavior of filter fayt mode and ESC key :

  1. ESC always add filtered items to selection rather than replace selection. At some point it is anoying in details view mode because it is not really the way details mode is working.

For example, i'm in 'Details view mode', i have always a selected item by default because this is how details mode is working for me (i use up/down keys and move around files and folders, so i have always one item selected by default).
Most of the time when i type a pattern in my 'fayt filter mode' or in 'filter mode', i just want to restrict my view to some files so i can select more easily some bunch of files and act on them (delete them, zip them, launch them).
When i have finished my task in my filtered fayt mode (or filter mode), i press escape to go back to full files/folders, and dopus clears filter, and i have now a selection of what i had filtered and selected (which seems natural) BUT it has also selected the last file i had on my selection before filtering.
Why not having an option to only keep filtered selected item (and not add them to the one which were selected before filtering) ?
Here is a typical annoying example that happend times to times : i have bunch of many documents in the same directory. i filter in 'fayt filter mode' some files and i notice i have some jerk i want to delete. As in filter fayt mode i cannot use SUPPR key to delete (because focus is still in fayt input box), so i just select them then press ESC so i can go back to the regular full view where i can act on, and then I use SUPPR for deleting. But here i will also delete the file selected before filtering (that i don't want to delete). And it is hard to notice when it happens...

  1. in FAYT filter mode, when 'select first matching item' is selected, and when there are many files / folder it seems there is a strange behavior in FAYT filter mode too when escaping as ESC will reselect one more file or folder which comes from nowhere.
    Something i can reproduce here :
  • have 'select first matching item' selected in options for FAYT filter mode
  • create a folder and go into it
  • create 4 folders "A", "B", "C", "D"
  • create 4 text files "text1.txt", "text2.txt", "text3.txt", "text4.txt"
  • create 4 text files "doc1.txt", "doc2.txt", "doc3.txt", "doc4.txt"
  • in 'detail view mode', select item 'text1.txt'
  • in 'fayt filter' mode, type 'doc'
  • then select 'doc3.txt' files in this filtered view (or any files you want)
  • press ESC key
  • it will select 'doc3.txt' file + 'text1.txt' + a folder 'D' which has never been selected
  • note : it doesn't occur if 'select first matching item' is unselected in options for FAYT filter mode, and it doesn't occur too in the other 'filter mode' activated with *

  1. as a general thinking, in FAYT filter mode : that mode is fantastic. you cannot imagine how it is changing the way i'm managing my files and navigating through folder easily.
    It could be a great improvement if we could tell the filter input what keys are allowed and not, so we could use some keys for other purpose in the lister (like the' down'/'up' and 'enter' which are allowed to interact with lister during the filtering) - it could be really great to be able to use 'SUPPR' to delete a file, to use 'space' to select directly in power mode during the filtering, etc.
    Today, to be able to do that i need to use some tricks like redefining a special key (like F10 F11 F12 CAPSLOCK, ... ) and adds some functionnality to them (like toggle selecting item, or deleting selected items, ...) or i need to click with mouse in my lister to get refocus and it's really annoying.

I know it's not so easy because 'fayt input' is depending on windows behavior on inputs, but i'm sure it could be done. Think about it :slight_smile: that could be a really efficient way to improve how 'fayt filter mode' could be use as a way to manipulate files even easily in few keystrokes.

  1. in 'fayt filter mode' why is TAB key not working like in 'filter mode' ? TAB key seemes to do nothing in fayt filter mode. eg. while filtering in fayt filter mode, pressing TAB could refocus on the lister view ?


If an item is selected, then filtered out, then the filter is cleared, Opus remembers that the item was selected.

You could override the * hotkey so it clears the selection before you start filtering, but that might not always be what you want either.

Push return instead of Esc. Focus will return to the file display, so you can use the Del key, without clearing the filter.

2 sounds like the same thing as the main/first question in 1.

3 - I think that might be too complicated, although I guess a checkbox on each button or hotkey might work. But not everything has a hotkey you can edit (e.g. Up and Down and Enter are not hotkeys; they're just built-in behavior.)

4 - You mean why does Tab do different things in the actual FAYT field vs the Filter Bar? They're two totally different UIs. FAYT only has an edit field (and a close button, but there's no reason to tab to that) and supports tab completion of partially typed paths in some modes. The Filter Bar lets you use the tab key to move between the different controls on the bar.