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Inaccessible Network Drives



nowadays, many PCs do start from a NVME drive which is lightning fast. Windows 10 tends to start quickly for this reason but most of the network adapters or better their drivers, can't initialize that quickly as it should be. Windows build 1809 did come with a bug, too, that does reinforce this issue further.

As a result, most of my mapped network shares do not work after logon and their icons show a red cross.
Usually a click on those icons/drives will solve this issue, even within Directory Opus. Unfortunately Win10 does report in its notification area about network drives that are unavailable right after logon, but that's a different story.

Why posting this here? I wonder if DO could do this job of "clicking" on those network icons (that I've added to the toolbar)?
I could image that an autorun script, if such function is available at all, would run after starting DO. This script should iterate through all mapped network drives and perform a certain action that forces the OS to access those drives, similar to my manual click.
Don't know which action this should be at them moment, perhaps count all root folder or similar.
Maybe this would solve the issue with red crosses or inaccessible drives.



There is an OnStartup scripting event, but it's probably not a good idea to do anything involving network drives there, or you'll potentially add a long delay to how long it takes Opus to start.

You can use the Task Scheduler in Windows to run scripts and batch files at startup, or X minutes after startup, which might be a better place to put such a script.


Hi Leo,

I saw this answer coming and I know almost every workaround that exists in the WWW, but none of the solutions did appeal me, you know.

I'm running an Active Directory server in my home lab that does the job of mapping to my network shares. I'm using Group Policies for this task and even tried logon scripts for mapping my shares to drive letters. The latter does not work properly, the first works very decent, unless Windows boots too fast.

Hence, when seeing that DO does show the drive cons with the red cross, too, similar to the Windows Explorer, I came accross the idea of running a startup script when DO starts.

I agree that Microsoft should solve this annoying issue on their side, but I thought I would give it a shot and ask if DO could do the job for me. And, I too agree, that this would delay the start of DO which may annoy me, too.

Anyway thanks for your reply, I guess I will live with this situation until MS solves it in the far away future.



FWIW, obviously Microsoft released a fix for this issue a few days before. Just have a look at KB article kb4469342 and kb4470788.