Incompatible with Activesync (stink)

Activesync does weird things to explorer so no suprise that opus doesn't seem to handle it too well.

Example, open your mobile device in Opus (browsing the device is fine) and then drag and drop a file to a lister - result is that activesync says it's copying the file but it doesn't end up anywhere you'd expect... I think in a temp folder somewhere on the PC but i can't test this now as browsing my device has just stopped working in Opus(!) [haven't seen this before!]

Yeah, i've noticed this as well. I do a lot of copying files to/from PDAs via activesync, and dopus handles copying to the PDA, but not copying from it back onto my PC. As soon as you try that, you mostly end up with a partially complete file on the PC, and then you get a "File is in use by another process" type of (windows?) error message, which prevents you doing anything with either the local or remote copy until I close dopus (the process, not just the lister), even with windows explorer.

Another thing is that, to rename a remote file via activestink, dopus appears to copy the file somewhere (probably to this mysterious temp folder that dangel mentioned) when you hit F2, but then lets you rename the file remotely no worries.

Any chance of getting these problems fixed? The "File already in use" thing is fairly bad, and forces me to go back to using Windows Explorer (nooooooo!).

FYI I have no problems with DOpus and ActiveSync 4.1 and my PPC.

Thanks Dangel, I was using Activesync 3.8, so I upgraded to 4.1 after reading your post, but I'm still having the same problems. Can you check if you get the renaming thing? It seems to be the easiest problem to replicate - highlight something on your PDA and hit F2 (rename) and see if dopus tries to copy the file somewhere (you should see the standard activesync copying dialog) and you may get a "File in use" error popup (that bit's new with v4.1, I never saw it with 3.8 when renaming).


ActiveSync 4.1 here.

Renaming a file on the pda behaves as expected.

The file just renames.

Just some extra feedback on the ActiveSync issue. Someone finally submitted a proper bug report and notified us of this issue and we have looked into it further. There does seem to be an issue (with 3.8 ActiveSync at least). We have now fixed this and the fix will be available in a free update in the near future.

Awesome, thanks for the fix Greg, that will make activestink slightly less painful :slight_smile:

4.2 is available now and if you are daring to try microsoft alphas (what they like to call betas), you can also use ActiveSync4.5. I've not had any problems with WM5 and OPus.