Incomplete items in DOpus.aliases

In a fresh installation, these aliases


are still part of DOpus.aliases, but they don't have the path property anymore. I think this changed just recently. Is this the new normal or an unintended change?

for (var e = new Enumerator(DOpus.aliases); !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext()) {
    var item = e.item();
    if (!item.path) DOpus.Output('no path: ' + item);



Did Opus 12 show anything useful for those alias paths?

I'm not sure it can, since what the "default" and "last" aliases resolve to depends on context from the folder tab, which won't be applicable when enumerating the aliases via a global object. (At least without a way to say "give me the value of this alias for this tab".)

Useful - well, that's rather subjective... :wink:

default	        C:\Users\Alexander\Downloads
defaultright	C:\
last	        C:\Users\Alexander\Downloads
lastright	    C:\

I didn't think I ever used them, I just saw a message in a scriptlog and thought it might have a deeper meaning.

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In my case the aliases you listed are all valid, but not these:

no path: hostmusic
no path: hostpictures
no path: mymusic
no path: mypictures

But I also deleted all the junk Windows folders, music, pictures, etc, that might explain it. onedrive & skydrive are empty according to the prefs->aliases but are not output from the JS code (I don't have any of those either, onedrive's removed entirely on my PC).

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