Inconsistent File Count?

Probably a dumb question but here it is: I'm trying to get a count of all files on my c:\ drive. In Dopus, if I highlight all of the folders immediately below c:, and right click properties I get a number of 254,835. If, on the other hand, I do Find > Name matching=* > Tick Wildcards > Type=Files then I get 263,857. The difference, 9,022 is the number of files in folder c:\program data. In c:\users there is a shortcut ("All Users") which points to folder c:\program data. So, as unlikely as it seems, I am wondering whether Dopus is double counting the contents of that folder first as the folder and second as a link to it. Dopus isn't likely to make an error like that so please can you advise where I am going wrong?

  • Things that count files may avoid double-counting things through junctions / softlinks, etc. (In Opus, that's optional when using the folder size and file count columns. The Properties dialogs, on the other hand, are up to Windows.)

    Things that find files (like Tools > Find Files) generally return a match of everything that matches the query, including through junctions / softlinks, and generally list the same physical file twice if two logical instances of it match what you searched for (as it should; it's finding things, not counting space, and both things match the query).

So if you're just seeing a difference due to a folder that is in two places at once, via a junction, then that would be completely normal and expected.

Some other ways that could cause differences when counting files in different ways:

  • There are also lots of special folders on C:\ that are probably being excluded by one thing or the other. You may also have filters active in Opus that are hiding files even though they are in the results.

  • The Properties dialogs in Windows 10 were also broken recently. I'm not sure if Microsoft have fixed them yet, but their numbers may still not be reliable.