Inconsistent scroll actions between thumbnail size slider, ctrl-scroll, and image viewer

In thumbnail mode, while hovering the mouse cursor over the thumbnail size slider, scrolling up shrinks the thumbnails, whereas scrolling down expands them.

However, with cursor over the file/thumbnails area, ctrl-scrolling up expands and ctrl-scrolling down shrinks them.

In standalone image viewer, if mouse wheel has been defined to "Zoom" rather than "Scroll image", scrolling up expands and scrolling down shrinks the image.

So, mouse wheel scrolling within the thumbnail size slider acts differently from the other situations and makes it very confusing.

Has anyone noticed this inconsistency? I was not able to find it mentioned anywhere within this forum.

Any plan to correct this or allow an option to modify the actions?

Thank you.

Makes sense. We'll reverse how the thumbnail size slider reacts to mousewheel in the next beta.