Incorrect date stamp for new .zip files

Greetings from San Diego, CA.

I use DOpus for most of my .zip/archiving activities on a daily basis. Now I'm seeing an issue with newly created .zip files where the modified/created date stamp says 1/12/2000 instead of the actual date on which it was created. This is undesirable because we rely heavily on accurate file time and date stamps to help us manage volumes of data.

Thanks in advance for any support which is very much appreciated.

  • Which method are you using when creating the zip? (e.g. What are you clicking.)

  • What type of drive is it being created on? (Local HDD, network folder, etc.)

  • Are we talking about the timestamp of the .zip file itself, or of something inside of the zip file?

That was it! My NAS drive's internal date/time needed to be re-set to current. Apparently the date/time feed from the manufacturer's server is incorrect.

Problem SOLVED! Thanks a lot Leo. I really appreciate your help.