Incorrect file size of file > 2TB in FTP component

On my NAS I have a file which is 2,14 TB in size. When I connect via FTP, the file is reported as 219 GB or 230.319.792 KB. When I connect via SMB share in DO, the correct size of 2,14 TB is shown. Connecting via Windows Explorer, the file size is shown as 2.303.197.912 KB.

The first 10 digits of the KB size are identical. Some kind of rounding/variable size problem?

I´m using DO 12.33 x64.

Do you see the correct size in any other FTP clients?


thanks for quick reply.

I tested with Filezilla and the correct size is shown:

Thanks! I'll see if we can reproduce this, and work out what's going wrong.

I found the source of this behaviour. On the tab "Misc" of the FTP settings I disabled "Use FEAT" and "Use MLST" for a reason I don´t remember. When I switch back to "Use defaults", the file size is shown correctly.

I think I've found the cause, although it's hard to verify without the same FTP server. Fix will be in 13.0.49.