Incorrect Icon Overlay


I have this issue for a while now, but since, so I want to talk about.
I have noticed that overlay icons in SugarSync (sugar sync is sth like dropbox) home folder and subfolders are added to all files. Once a while random icon is displayed over all files inside main sugar sync folder. This happen only in DO, but win explorer shows no icon.

I am using DO x64 and this still happens.
This probably is a bug, but I want to confirm.

Try fully exiting Opus (do not just close all the windows; see the linked guide), and then clear your icon cache using this tool that I wrote.

Thanx for fst relay @leo.

So first of all I have tried to use you tool, but it gave me an error and didn't worked for me (error: Failed to ask Restart Manager to shutdown Exploler).

But still you answear lead me to general 'clear icon cache' (rebuild icon cache) issue, so I goggled and found this thread containing batch file witch did the job. I am attaching the copy f bat (packed with rar) file.

So getting back to subject. After clearing cache I have another strange issue - all icons in sugar sync folder becomes invisible - Icon is shown only if I select file. I am attaching screen. Any other ideas?

Rebuild_Icon_Cache.rar (661 Bytes)

Try using ShellExView, sort by Type and scroll down to the ones with type Icon Overlay Handler; if there's a SugarSync one there, try disabling it, then exit Opus, clear the icon cache again, and see if the icons are okay now.

If you're clearing the icon cache by hand, make sure Explorer.exe is not running when you do it. (You normally have to do it via a Command Prompt, and completely exit the desktop, tasbkar etc.) Not sure why the Windows Restart Manager isn't working when you try the automated clearer.

I have used ShellExView and disabled all 4 of sugar syns overlays extensions. This helped because icons are visible in sugar sync folder, but I have another issue - icons on folders witch are the same level as sugar sync becomes invisible. I have feeling that 2 or more extensions are in conflict.

As a quick test, if you turn on Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for... and set it to all folders, do you see icons for the folders again?

Info about which icon to display comes from the Windows shell (including shell extensions) so it seems like that is either telling Opus to draw the wrong icon, or the request is perhaps failing/crashing entirely and the icon-drawing is being skipped completely...

...But if you still don't see icons when Show generic icons for... is on, then it might be something different at play.