Incorrect right-mouse context menu displayed

Using v8.0.1.2



Any ideas why the difference?

What's Perforce?

It's source control software:

It's free for 2 users so you can download it and try the problem for yourself.

Although do note that the issue is not just perforce, notice that DOpus is showing a context menu item (Hex Edit) that explorer isn't.

Well Perforce I can download and have a look at. But the Hex Edit thing, you'll have to work out. Check the registry and see if you can find out where it's coming from.

grumble: why is it the source control programs that always have context menu problems?

Well, I like his choice of apps (Media Center/UltraEdit/what's that archive utility?) I use some of the same :slight_smile:...

Just curious, has the Preferences -> Miscellaneous -> Windows Integration -> Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) option been set? If not, I'm not sure what the problem is as Dopus should just be inheriting the regular Windows ContextMenuHandlers used by Exploder.

You might want to double check whatever value is present in your Context Menu tab for those file types in the Dopus File Types editor and cross-ref it with what's in the registry for the normal shell ContextMenuHandlers keys for the appropriate file types.

If you're not sure where the relevant reg keys are, they should all be spread out under the HKCR\ hive... Does your Perforce menu show up for ONLY certain file types, or all file types? If all types, then you may find info about the CLSID being invoked by Exploder under either the "*" or "AllFileSystemObjects" keys... The ContextMenuHandlers entries are usually legible key names, though sometimes you may see a CLSID for the keyname itself that can be a bit cryptic... for any such keynames, you can usually look in the keys (Default) value for a more descrptive name, or you can search for that CLSID value under the HKCR\CLSID key... where the CLSID/GUID is linked back to the .dll that serves as the extensions InprocServer32...

Note- The reason I mention all this stuff is that some apps have multiple CLSID/GUID values that tie back to the extension handler and each can function differently.

The archive utility is PowerArchiver.

I'm going to wait till Jon fixes the issue with Perforce before spending any more time on this. I downloaded a competitor's product (xplorer2) and it displays the context menu just fine, so I'm guessing that this is just a bug in DOpus.

I've sent a message to Perforce tech support about the issue - now we wait to see if they reply (or even care!)

Do you think it's their issue or is it to request to find out how they determine the current directory in order to show the correct submenu?

If you don't get a timely response from them I will send them an email since our company pays them a lot of money each year for support.

RhinoBanga wrote:
If you don't get a timely response from them I will send them an email since our company pays them a lot of money each year for support.[/quote]

It's been well over a week and I've had no response yet, if you want to give them a prod :slight_smile:

Happy to report this issue has been resolved, and the next update of Opus will fix this problem.