Increase preferenses font size?

In Opus you can change the font for Listers and much more, but is it possible to change the font size in preferences? I have increased to 125% larger font size (not dpi-scale 125%) in Windows but Opus does not follow and increases the font size in preferences.
Can I change it manually in any config file to increase the size or can it be changed in the future so you can change the size or follow the Windows font size?


We'll make it configurable in the future, but for now it follows the system DPI.

It sounds good. Maybe in the next big update (dopus 13) that I was very happy that you wrote in another thread will come in the future. :smiley: :fireworks:

There's always another big release in the future. :slight_smile: When in the future is is the question. 13 is still some time away, but is being worked on.