Indivicual "path" fields for each lister in dual mode... pos

Is it possible to set up a separate Path toolbar item for each lister when in dual mode?

I'd like to set up a patch field above each lister and have them hard linked to their counterpart below so I don't have to worry about which is source / destination.

Hi... go to Settings->Preferences->Listers->Folder Tree tab and select the option Automatically open second Folder Tree in dual display mode. I believe that is the setting that I changed which did the trick for me.

thank you very much for the suggestion

i tried it, but unfortunately both location bars still follow the active lister :frowning:

Well actually I'm an idiot for the second time in as many weeks... I didn't read your question properly... the setting I gave you doesn't even add another "path bar". Sorry... No idea on 'binding' a path bar to a particular lister. Might need to be a new feature request, and one that I would welcome.