Individual (window/lister) colours for cloud drives/paths


I was wondering if it was possible to have separate colour settings for "Cloud Storage".

I might just overlook something within DOpus, but I haven't seen an option to change colours for specific folders.

What I am looking for would be something like the different colours for "source, target, off", but for a class "cloud synched" or something.

I suppose it's not an actual feature, but if there is a workaround to manually change colours for a handful of folders/paths I'd give that a shot as well.

You can go to Tools > Preferences > Folders > Folder Formats > Folder Type Formats.

Double click on "OneDrive" and then Options > Image to define a background image.

But first you have to go to Tools > Preferences > Display > Images to choose an image.

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You can use folder formats to change the background color and/or image in particular folders, and to add labels in those folders which change the colors of all files/folders.

You can't change the file display border colors in different folders.

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Oh, thanks for the replies.

That works perfectly for now, I can just use this to "mark" those folders by having an image/icon displayed in one corner, maybe I'll stretch it out over the whole background.

I don't really use/need labels here, it's really more about knowing whether I'm in a synched folder or not.
I will have to look further into this to maybe add a similar function to my GDrive folders as well, but you guys have me a great starting point, thanks a lot!
I will mark this as solved, might be coming back for more input though :wink: