Info Tips cannot be set for dot files

I have a File Type Group for configuration files and I've added a few extensions, for example, .gitconfig and .gitignore.

I've customised the group's Info Tip, but the mentioned files aren't picking up the custom text.

Renaming .gitignore to test.gitignore does display the custom text.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?


- Directory Opus v12.23.2 Beta x64 Build 7734
- Windows 10 v20H2 OS Build 19042.868

Files where the only dot is at the start of them aren't considered to have extensions, at least by a lot of the code in Opus. (The dot is to hide them on Unix/Linux platforms, not to indicate the file type, which is just text in these cases.)

You should be able to add things to the All Files infotip to affect those files, though.

That's a shame, but I understand they're not technically extensions.

Hopefully Opus could one day handle such exceptions, because I can see how people may want to define dot files, not only to configure Info Tips / Tiles Modes for them, but also for folder content type detection to factor in their presence.