Infotips only show Generic File & Generic Folder setting

I went to Settings/File Types and no matter what I use under Info Tip Definition for all File and Folders such as :

Type: {type}
Author: {author}
Title: {title}
Date Modified: {modified}
Size: {sizeauto}
Description {Desc}
Comments {Comments}

When I hover over a file, it will behave as if I use the Generic File Definition
Type: {type}
Date Modified: {modifieddate}
Size: {sizeauto}

And if I hover over a Folder, it will use the Generic Folder Definition

What did I do wrong ?

I'm using Windows XP SP2
Dopus U
I presume that means Unicode.

I cannot remember whether I installed ANSI or the Unicode version.

Have you checked the separate All Files and All Folders filetypes for their infotips? They will probably override the All Files and Folders infotip, unless they're blank, since they're for more specific types.