Initialising ZIP Batch Delete

I have just tried to move a large file from a ZIP archive. It is a pretty big file, 1.45GB.

It moved OK, but for a half an hour this has been stuck on my screen:

dopus.exe is showing 17% CPU use.

Is this right?

My signature is, for once, up to date on the version number.

It seems that this message has stalled any other move operations. They insist on queuing themselves.


The ZIP archive was 1.45GB or the file within it was?

Single file in a zip.

Yes but was the zip archive 1.45GB or the file within it? To be more explicit, how big was the .zip file, and how big (uncompressed) was the file within it?

(it's important so when I test it I can test under the same conditions)

Original file (called upload.exe) 1.5GB (1490.15).

Uncompressed 1.45GB.

It was a self-extracting archive.

The file came from one of the larger software houses you are likely to come across.

I haven't been able to reproduce this in initial testing.
We're wondering if the delay could be caused by your anti-virus software scanning the archive (or the extracted file, or both) - could you try to replicate the issue with AV disabled?