Inline Rename = Invisible File Name

I'm just beginning to use DO.10
When it comes to renaming files (in Windows Explorer) I use inline renaming about 99% of the time. Select the desired file, single-click the file name, type in new file name.

When I do that in DO, almost exclusively the file name disappears. I can still type, although the text is invisible. And if I hit ENTER the file is successfully renamed. But like I said, I can't actually see the text while I'm in inline-rename mode. This also happens if I click the "Rename" button. Here are some screenshots of DO not displaying the inline rename properly.

Before Inline Rename

During Inline Rename

Anyone have any thoughts?

ps. Pressing F2 however, does exactly what you'd expect. But I don't want to have to press F2, I want to inline rename things "normally". :slight_smile:

So F2 works but clicking with the mouse causes the edit control to be hidden/invisible?

Do you have any unusual tools to do with mouse-buttons or window-styling/theming, window-arranging, multi-monitor, etc. installed, or anything else which might change the way windows behave when you click on them, or that might affect how edit controls or text-input works?

Thanks for responding Leo,

My install is pretty basic and pretty clean. No multi-monitor or visual enhancements installed. In fact several of the Aero features for W7 are disabled.

I'm not sure if the problem is permanently fixed... but the inline rename appears to working correctly now. What I did was: shut down all applications. Ran CCleaner. Turned my computer off. Cold booted after a few minutes. All seems fine so far with the inline rename.

But I'm not convinced yet. Before I posted my original message I had the problem, then it spontaneously fixed itself for about 10 minutes. Then the problem resumed. That's when I posted my question. If it's "fixed" that's great and I'll write it off as a quirk. Otherwise I'll be back. Wish me luck. :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon. As I was using DO to acquire sceenshots for my other forum post, the inline renaming vanishing text stuck again. Seemingly without any changes to my system or with currently running active applications (Firefox, Thunderbird, DO10).


Sorry for the rapid posts, I wish there was an "edit" button :slight_smile:
It would seem that my two problems (other here) might be related. At least #2 in my other post.

The folder that opens at the end of the list seems to do so when there is an exceptionally long file name. After renaming that file name to something shorter, the file pane opens at the beginning of the file list. However, before changing the file name to something shorter... if I went to inline rename a file in that same folder (the one the opens at the end of the list), that is consistently when the inline renaming glitch shows up.

  1. Folder opens at End of List

  2. Manually scroll to Front of List (notice long file name)

  3. Attempt Inline Rename - text invisible

  4. File renamed to something shorter (using F2)

  5. After closing Lister, reopen folder. Before renaming the file, this view would have looked like #1 above

  6. Initiate Inline Rename by clicking on the file name. Now it displays correctly.

So it would seem I figured out what the problem was. Not sure if this is some weird quirk on my system or if it's an actual bug the developers might want to look into.

If it involves the list being scrolled incorrectly, it might be clearer if the screenshots include the full file display, including any scrollbar that's at the bottom.