Inline rename of filename+ext when extension is hidden

I prefer the file extensions hidden and shown in a separate column like used from TC. But, unfortunately this leads to the problem that I can't inline rename the file extension because it is not selected despite using "rename inline=all".

I was thinking about a chained command that would display all extensions, rename the file and afterwards hide the extension again.

Is that possible or is there anything else I can do? I have tried my best to find a command.

Thank you


I can't see a way to do it at the moment. That doesn't seem to be a way to toggle extension hiding via a command and I believe inline rename will never show extensions when they are hidden.

The only workaround I can think of (apart from not hiding extensions :slight_smile:) is to use the rename dialog which always includes extensions. But you're after inline rename so that probably isn't helpful.

If you're hiding extensions and/or using the Extension column because it allows you to sort the file list by extension, you might like to know that you can do that without the Extension column: Simply hold shift and click the Name column to sort by file extension. Of course, that's not much help if you're hiding extensions for aesthetic reasons.

Nice trick with the Shift button, but indeed I prefer it for cosmetical reasons, much easier to distinguish filename from extension when they are separated.

Thanks for your efforts, I really appreciate that.


Although it's redundant and takes up slightly more space, you could have one column with full file name (including extension), and a separate extension column. In-line renaming should then work, but you retain the ability to align extensions and sort by clicking on the column heading.

John Land