Inline rename within zip: cursor position not retained?

My preferences settings for inline rename are:

  • retain cursor position when moving
  • default selection mode: cursor before extension

This doesn't seem to work inside zip files. When I inline rename the first file and then move to the next file (inside a zip file), Opus just exits inline rename mode.

Should this work inside zip files?

I think that is because each rename causes the zip to be updated and in turn the folder to be re-read, which cancels the inline rename.

We've been thinking about a batch rename mode where the work is postponed until you rename the last file, then all done at once. That would also improve performance when doing wildcard renaming inside archives. But we haven't got to it yet, I guess partly because it's fairly rare to rename lots of stuff within an archive. It'd be good, though.

Renaming in zip is a fairly expensive operation (because basically the file is extracted, renamed, the original deleted and the renamed file re-added), so I think it takes long enough that the progress bar appears, which steals the focus from the rename field and causes it to exit.

Yes, that would be good to have!

I also don't rename lots of files inside archives very often, so it's not a big problem :wink:

Leo, Jon, thanks for the answers.

But on the other hand, if you edit just several file names in a large archive, it takes a lot of time. Batch rename could be very useful.