Inline renaming more than one file

When I select more than one file to rename, after renaming the first one I'm not given the chance to rename the others, the rename window closes and it just returns to the lister.
I am try trying to add to each file name with different text, find and replace works ok.
I used to select say 5 files and I could alter each file name one after the other, now I have to do each seperately.

You can edit the individual filenames in the preview list's New Names column now, by clicking on them.

The User preview list to build macros option just above the preview list controls how the editing behaves. If it is on, changes you make to one file are applied to all the others. If it is off, changes only affect the line you are editing and you can make individual edits to each name.

(Alternatively, you can edit filenames directly in the lister by pushing F2, and avoid the Rename dialog entirely if you only want to make individual edits.)

Yes I can do one at a time.
I'm sure I used to select how many I needed to rename and went from one to the next altering as required.
Now selecting more than one file, completing one change closes everything and returns to the lister no matter how where selected.
is that normal ?

The Rename tool is designed for batch renaming, not one at a time (except by editing the names directly as Leo said).

If you create a button or hotkey that runs the command Rename SIMPLE it might be more along the lines of what you want.

perfect that's what I was after, thanks :smiley: