Inline renaming question

Hi All,

Is it possible to change the way Dopus "Automatically number files renamed inline"?

I would like to change it from the current format "filename(x).ext" to something else eg. "filename-x.ext"



At the moment you can only turn the auto-number-on-conflict option on and off.

If it's something that happens a lot then you could make a hotkey which renames the selected file from one format to the other.

(With a bit of thought it should also be possible to make it add the selected file to the end of the list of other files with the same name in the number sequence. If you see what I mean... Hmm, I think I'm too tired to even explain it let alone make the button right now. If you want the button/hotkey but aren't sure how to make it shout and I'll take a look tomorrow unless someone else gets there first.)