Insert CD Notification!

Hi Guys,

This is my first post, I am sure I will have many other questions in the future but this one is really bothering me. I have been through the forum but cannot find anything relevant. Apologies in advance if I have missed something in the setings.

Is there any way to disable the popup when clicking on a CD/DVD or Flash drive which doesn not have a disk or media inserted in it?

As an example, "XYPlorer" file manager has this by default, if you click on an empty drive it just places an "x" over the drive (similar to disconnected network drive) showing it is empty.


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Opus is much more elegant - edit your drive buttons to use the hideempty argument.


Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,removable,hideempty

That way the empty drives don't even show up...

Amazing, it has a reasonably handy feature like that yet still can't even display a dual pane. It has no concept of source and destination and requires the ridiculous copy/paste method of file management.

Thanks Tanis,

I shall give it a go once I get home but may need more direction on how to achive it.

I only came across XYPlorer as I had enough of the issues I was having with Powerdesk under Vista, I have tried a few file managers over the last few days and then came across DOPUS, well, hasten to add I purchased a licence straight away.

Geting back to the issue, I kinda like the ability to see what drives there are but really dislike the "Inset media" popup. Is this a feature I could request and more importantly is it somehting you would consider implementing in DOPUS?

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I suggest you read through some of the faqs and tutorials available here - you'll find plenty of button editing examples.

Surely you know what drives there are on your computer - there's no point seeing empty drives in a toolbar - they serve no purpose.

It's not something I would consider implementing because I don't work for GPSoftware and have no say in what is or isn't added to Opus. However, you can always use the GPSoftware website to make official requests.

Thanks for the feedback.

Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier, I am not really worried about the Drive buttons, and I will do as suggested to hide the empty ones. I am more concerned about the Folder Tree view which I do not believe that editing the buttons will help.

I have a habbit of using the cursor keys to scroll throught the drives in the foldr tree view, each time I hit a empty drive I get the popup.

Thanks again.


I think there's already been a feature request filed to add a "Hide Empty" option to the Folder Tree so hopefully we'll see that in an update at some point.

It definitely makes sense for it to happen and it probably would have if the Hide Empty idea for DriveButtons didn't come so late (it was added just before Opus 9 "went gold", so there wasn't time for the obvious "this would be great in the tree as well" idea).

I have sent a request in to disable the "No disk in drive" popup when selecting an empty CD or media drive in the Folder Tree.

Perhaps it is just me but it makes more sense (personally) to be able to see all my concurrent drives in the folder list rather than having missing drive letters. The empty drives would be marked with an "x" exactly the same as a disconnected Network Drive and no annoying Popup if you cursor or click on the drive.

Lets see what DOPUS come back with.



Fair enough, but why would you want to click on a drive that has no media in it? Seems a waste of space that could be used to show an extra folder in he tree.

I guess you can get used to things being in a certain place, which is fair enough. You may also want to right-click the drive to eject it if you're feeling lazy. :slight_smile:

As someone with one of those annoying multi-card readers which adds several billion drive letters to the system, whether they have things in them or not, I'm definitely in the "don't wanna see it!" camp. :slight_smile:

Well... depending on virtual drive software a person might be using, they might want to be able to click RMB on an 'empty' virtual drive to be able to open a 'mount' dialog for that particular drive...

Aside from ppl just wanting them there still because they're "used" to it... that's the only real valid "use case" I can think of to have a visual indicator that the drive is empty but still be able to see it... well that AND the lazy eject notion leo put forth :sunglasses:.

+1 for the idea!

Hi nudel,

I completely agree with you on the multi card readers, I don`t want to see them either but I do want to see my DVD drives, call it a comfort thing. If I cannot see them I will probably be checking in Device Manager every 10 minutes to make sure Vista has not screwed up again.

Also, how would the history work, if using the back button once you have removed the media, will it be intelligent enough to bounce back to the drive/folder prior to the one that has been removed or will you get the popup to inset media even though it is hidden.

I really just brought it up as I found this a great asset in XYPlorer, I guess it is just what you prefer.... I just find most popups annoying. :smiley: